After college I got the itch to start my own business but didn’t know what to do. So I partnered up with an old high school buddy of mine to start a cellular phone store in Ohio. With little time and cash from starting the business, I sought discount shoes online and found that there weren’t any websites selling them. There were many sites that were selling shoes at full price, but being price conscious, I was always looking for deals. Brand and price consciousness lead us to look into selling discount shoes online.

That moment was the start of ShoeMetro. In late 2003, after only three months into it, we sold the cell phone business and moved back home to Southern California. Armed with credit cards, proceeds from the sale of the previous business, a digital camera and a laptop, we started selling shoes out of our home. After about three years, ShoeMetro has grown to become one of the top discount shoe retailers on the internet.

Still remembering the reason that got us into the business we believe that our core mission is to provide our customers with high quality brand name shoes at incredible prices. We purchase our shoes by the truckloads, maintain a very low overhead, and leverage technology as much as possible. By doing this we pass the huge savings onto our customers. We know that when you shop at ShoeMetro, you’re saving 20% to 80% off retail. We hope you shop ShoeMetro first, for the best deals on footwear anywhere…GUARANTEED!!!